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I work as a voice actor.

My special skill is to convey meaning, emotion and clarity to different contexts with my voice.


My work intertwines around audiobook narration, voice over and being a singer-songwriter. My passion is to inspire and touch people by bringing authenticity, energy and empathy to the world. A powerful, heartfelt presence is the essential core of my craft. I listen to both my intelligence and intuition and I honour highly both independence and human connection. My way of working is innovative: I regularly use my own adaptation of experience design thinking and my trained intuition skills. I approach voice work using the totality of my humanity: my inner corporeality, my senses and mental images. This way it covers both the soft and sensitive dimensions and a vibrant, positively channeled aggression, even erotic forces, as my inner intensity tools.

The influences that have shaped my outlook in the work the most are:

- studies in and working with drama and non-verbal physical theatre

- extensive audience inspirement work in performing arts

-  music - both playing and singing - as a big part of my life

- over a decade of intense inner work in emotional and spiritual development.


The inspiration of the work of artists Jacques Lecoq, Elina Aho-Brennan, Alain Platel, Ann van den Broek, William Kentridge and Rachid Ouramdane as well as psychiatrist, mystic Carl Gustav Jung has been precious for me. The multifaceted work field is keeping me sharp, hungry, grateful and committed.

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