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Spirit & Soul

I have a strong and joyful experience of that we are both physical, emotional, social and vibrant spiritual & soulful energy beings. Full of grounded, masterful, wild, flowing natural vitality.



We are One with other human beings, with nature and the whole universe. Presence & authenticity allow transformative things to happen.


Step by step (as my favourite teenage band NKOTB sang in the 90's :D ) I'll be implementing this holistic approach in my professional work as well.

I'm deeply impressed by the work of C. G. Jung and feel a strong connection to his view of life and his work for the human psyche and spirit.


During different times in life - both on bumpy roads & at moments of wonderful clarity -time and again I see I come back to these things:

Listening mostly to my own inner voice. Reason, emotions, bodily sensations, intuition and soul alike.


Meditation, mantra music. Spiritual astrology.


Synchronicity, symbolism in cultural history and dreams, archetypes. Jungian psychology.


Appliance of visual and bodily perception. Typography. Experience Design.


All these different forms of ancient & new technologies which are being updated to enhance 21st century's experiential knowledge.

And last but not least: may deep gratitude accompany all the challenges life poses on one & show the way to inevitable surrender - the transformational power of Love. <3.

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